• Joan Sardà is a winery located in the town of Castellví de la Marca, in the Alt Penedès region (Barcelona). The Masia Olivella estate is home to our winery; it is an original 17th century farmhouse, which is a living testimony of years of winemaking tradition.

  • Our history goes back to 1927 and to Tomàs Sardà Comellas, a farmer who cultivated his vineyards to make wine. One year after a good harvest he decided to sell the excess production of his wine in the city nearby of Barcelona. Thanks to his visionary spirit, he laid the winery’s foundations and created a business that was built to last and grow by the generations that followed in his footsteps. Today, Joan Sardà is recognised as an established winery with a deep-rooted tradition in winemaking.

  • Later on, Tomàs Sardà’s son, Joan Sardà Ribas, opened into an important market by distributing their wine directly to restaurants in the area. In 1962, the winery expanded and added on new premises which were inaugurated in the town of Castellbisbal, Barcelona, where the winery was originally from.

  • The winery went from strength to strength when Joan Sarda’s sons and oenologists, Anton and Joan Sardà i Margarit, joined the business. They were now the third generation in the Sardà family committed to the winery and its growth. In 1969, they inaugurated a new wine bottling plant and in 1975, international expansion of the winery began. Years later, in 1986, the company moved its headquarters to the Masia Olivella estate and home in Castellví de la Marca in the prestigious Penedès region. This 17th-century farmhouse had vineyards of its own and a winery dating back to 1913.  This original winery was adapted and modernized to set up Joan Sardà’s new centre of operations; a place where the Sardà story and wine-making tradition continues. 

  • The winery also expanded overseas and became well known around the world especially in the Caribbean area, thanks to the vision and enterprise of Joan Sardà i Margarit. Joan was known to be an adventurer and traveller, who loved both land and sea. For over thirty years, he has ventured far and wide with our wines to successfully introduce them around the world and to establish the winery in international markets.

  • To this day, at the Joan Sardà winery, we have kept its founder’s entrepreneurial spirit alive. Our wines are a true reflection of our deep-rooted tradition in winemaking and of our respect and commitment to our homeland; the Penedès region.